02 July 2008


A few weeks ago Billy and I went to Bozeman, MT for my cousin's wedding, my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary, Father's Day, birthdays, and to celebrate our anniversary. As part of this excursion (graciously underwritten by my merciful parents, thank you), we drove up to Helena to do some sapphire mining. We've become addicted to the tv show "Cash and Treasures" and wanted to try our hands at doing some mining.

We spent a beautiful day at the mine with blue skies next to the water, sifting through dirt. Maybe not everyone's idea of a perfect day, but we had a blast. We found a four carat sapphire on our first try! It was extremely, extremely exciting. We even had the mine owners excited.

After speaking to many jewelers and doing lots of research, we decided to have the gem cut by A Cutting Edge Jewelery Gallery in Fargo. And boy am I glad we did--she's beautiful. .8 carat round stone with a very unusual bluish-green color. I am thrilled--it's a completely clean stone. We decided to have it set to celebrate our fifth anniversary.

I think I'm addicted.